'The post-technological futures of everything'


Design for building a future with unified cultures

Most things in our society are part of our collective imagination. An inexplicable glue that magically built empires and nations, money, religions, and corporations through ideas.

We love to imagine a world blooming with empathy, joy, equality, health, education (this list can keep going forever)... But how is it possible if our collective memory was built in the past and most importantly, just by a few? Don't you think society pushed these ideas into our minds to make us fit and be part of a plan? -Yes, I'm probably overthinking about this.- Still, these "collective" ideas have consequences and our past and present actions are definitely not planning a great future.

How do you imagine yourself in 30 years? I imagine myself identical to what I am now - OK... With some grey hair, a pair of glasses and cool gadgets-. Still my point is that we would love to create this magical world... but let's face it. Can we build it out of terrible decisions?

  • Identity
  • Time
  • Problems
  • Scale
  • Growth

  • Energy
  • Business models
  • Decisions
  • Learning
  • Design
Are a few keywords that triggered hypothetical questions for making the I AM manifesto. In class, we not only read Andres' and his studio manifesto but also designed future proposals relating these themes to our group's collective imagination.


What did I learn?
I didn't learn anything new, although I enjoyed discussing something we are not sure about. It seems like the future is driven by a present fear.

Learning process?
  • See others' work
  • Ideate: doesn't matter if its a stupid idea or not
  • Make that beautiful and stupid idea, tangible
  • Present the tangible idea, through sketches, designs, video, diagram, etc.
Technology needs to stop being so immersive and insensitive, and I'm not saying we need to give technology feelings but find another way to make it more reliable, trustful and worthy.

An urgent need for intelligent designs -not as in medicine where people can modify their genes to possess abilities and specific characteristics- but a design that can start building a future with a unified culture.